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Artie Ward

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Content Management (CMS)

Extensive working ​knowledge of different large scale CMS Content Management Systems and working within agile environments such is my background largely with telecommunication companies in New Zealand.

Not only limited to CMS, have a solid understanding of digital marketing and have collaborated with many major advertising agencies in the country.


Conversant also with the following web & software applications

Knowledgeable with web & email hosting, domain name management. 

Digital Media/Social Media

Vast workings within previous roles with Vodafone ​NZ, Telecom NZ (now Spark) and Air New ZealandDigital & Social media markets provide important real-time synchronicity of value and up to date content, thus maintaining the effectiveness of your brand SEO strategy.

Have maintained many a healthy and happy relationship with agency partners, brand managers, go to market leads, business analysts etc. Familiar with SalesForce, Marketo, HubSpot CRM Business Tools.

Many large projects I've delivered with Vodafone NZ have been yearly new mobile device release launches for the major brands. Everything has to run link clock work and the legal terms  have to be crystal clear, signed off and ready to go.

At the same time, supporting pages across the Vodafone NZ website, and Social Media funnel site users quickly and easily to the new product selector pages quickly and easily.

Digital & Marketing applications

Attitude/OCD/Problem Solver

My general concentrated persona can seem to some as though I may be a lone wolf, but is far from the truth in reality. Am just someone who cracks on with stuff to reach a milestone, target or action quickly with minimum fuss or noise.

My attention to detail has been beneficial in several CMS platform migration projects with Vodafone NZ and Telecom NZ.


My analytical and logical approach to data records was well received at my time with Air New Zealand Engineering Services there in the massive hangar complex. My role was  digital administration and version control of commercial aircraft documentation. This information vital for the engineering and service personnel maintaining the airline fleet. 

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